A platform to recruit, train and manage all your workforce.

Cornerstone helps companies recruit, develop, manage, and motivate their employees.

Cornerstone also helps employees to be their best through tailored development and experiences.

Cornestone Learning manages the entire development process, both on a corporate and employee level, on a large scale.

Monitor the conformity and improve the skills of your employees

High-end training management

Everything is designed centrally to handle different data delivery methods as well as informal learning and reporting.

An outstanding learning experience

Recommendations based on machine learning enable you to offer quality content to your learners, allowing them to grow their skills autonomously.

Content created and curated by experts

The best content on the market, selected and managed in Cornerstone's Content Anytime subscriptions.

Cornestone performance : Continuously develop performance.

Coach, motivate and engage your workforce to improve performance, business agility and organizational alignment.

Boost engagement by improving the employee experience

Engaged employees are the key to a productive team. Provide clear organizational direction with goal alignment and regular reviews while following up with employees through engagement surveys and factor analysis to optimize performance and improve the employee experience.

Identify the best profiles and retain the most successful ones

To retain the ideal talent, you need to clearly outline the parameters for success for both the employee and the company. Use tools to accurately assess employee capabilities, identify and plan for addressing skill gaps, and develop your talent to help them achieve their career progression goals.

Cornestone development: Effectively develop skills through targeted online training.

Cornestone Content Anytime : Content that evolves as fast as your employees.

Boost performance with online training created and selected by experts, linked to our state-of-the-art learning experience platform.

Explore our selected content subscriptions from a variety of brands

The quality you expect

Access the best content from top brands as well as exclusive microlearningⓇ content that your employees will love.

A continuous selection

Cornerstone's content management team provides you with seamlessly curated subscriptions based on pieces selected from our global data.

Available in mobile version

All of our content is fully integrated and available in mobile versions so you can focus on engagement and coaching.

Thousands of companies around the world rely on Cornerstone to cultivate talent, improve the employee experience, grow, innovate and increase productivity.