Create online training courses without technical knowledge quickly using ThaleiaXL, an e-learning authoring solution, using a simple Excel file.

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With Thaleia XL, move the lines of your daily trainer routine and gain in productivity!

In this ever-changing world, support your learners in acquiring cross-functional skills that will help them boost their careers.

Thaleia XL is the easiest e-learning authoring tool on the market that allows you to create professional and customized digital training modules in minutes.

Imagine the background, Thaleia XL puts the shapes !

Reinvent the training experience

Transform the training and development of your learners and collaborators into an ongoing interactive experience with:

  • A range of input screens and learning activities that encourage experimentation and practice
  • Responsive modules that can be viewed anywhere and continuously on computers, mobile devices and tablets
  • Accessible and inclusive modules that allow you to offer the same quality of training to your entire audience

Create and deliver engaging learning content

Open your Excel file compatible with all spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Libre Office Calc…) and choose from a wide range of screen templates.

  • Already have an LMS? Your freshly created modules with Thaleia XL meet SCORM standards. Just import them into your LMS and let the magic happen!
  • No LMS? No problem! Once your training is finalized, benefit from a broadcasting system that everyone can use.

Benefit from a simple and intuitive management platform

Do you want to measure the success of your training courses? Thaleia XL has already prepared your data!

Manage your training courses from a simplified dashboard including the main key indicators: success, time spent, attempts…

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