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To start well or evolve in your digital training project, we offer several standard training courses on the fundamentals of e-learning

"Writing for e-learning" workshop

Historical reminder and inventory of digital training
• Writing within the overall project • The main teaching methods
• Tools related to multimedia writing
• Where to start?
• Definition of interaction
• Some good practices

Create training content with Storyline

The interface
• Screen models (interactive or not) • Player customisation
• Audio media integration
• Video media integration
• Navigation interactivity
• Tutorials and screenshots
• Import of PPT
• Export configuration

Create Thaleia training content

The interface
• Screen models • Integration of audio media
• Video media integration
• Good practices
• Export configuration
• Graphic customisation
• Publish with Thaleia
• Manage reporting

Saba Cloud Training

The beginner program

Beforehand: cultural integration videos During the training: basic use of an LMS Afterward: practical exercises and grouping in a virtual classroom

The advanced program

Bespoke practice workshops (sector management, advanced curriculum definition, advanced testing & assessment management)

Lead a virtual Saba Classroom

• The virtual classroom: what is it?
• Prepare your session beforehand: the tools available • Join the training session
• Tools available during the session
• Interact with participants
• After the session: manage usage statistics
• Edit and upload data
• The mobile user experience

Manage Thaleia DIALOGUE

• Understand branching scenarios
• Define the context of the scenario

• Design the scenario

• Enrich its content

• Organize your work

• Traps to avoid