saba classroom VIRTUAL CLASS

Collaborative and intuitive distance learning tool.

WITH Saba virtual Classroom.

Because the training needs are constant and because you must strive to train, certify and motivate your employees despite increasingly less centralised teams and expensive transport costs.

Virtual classrooms meet these needs perfectly, but not all solutions are created equal. An effective virtual classroom solution must:

Enable trainees to participate naturally through activities that promote engagement and maintenance of knowledge, as if they are attending a face-to-face training session.

Link these virtual classrooms to other seamless learning modes (e.g. face-to-face, social or web-based learning), in order to ensure consistency in terms of the offer, as well as the management and evaluation. 

Improve productivity and consistency without wasting managers’ time with preparation.



Improve engagement and retention of knowledge.

Motivation and participation for trainees are the keys to a successful experience. For this, the Saba Classroom solution offers screen sharing features, surveys … in order to increase interactivity with peers and the trainer.

Improve the productivity of training managers and ensure consistency of experiences.

Training managers can reuse different content and activities at any time, ensuring improved productivity.

Provide a practical and interactive mobile experience

Mobile devices are increasingly present in business and represent a critical aspect of the virtual classroom. Saba Classroom provides an optimal mobile learning experience.


  • Organize the calendar online
  • Lead communities of interest
  • Prepare your lessons
  • Develop various activities (surveys, evaluation, etc.)
  • Add resources in different formats
  • Include the virtual classroom in a global training course
  • Manage training catalogues and registrations


  • Create work rooms
  • Access video and chat tools
  • Interact with the class by raising your hand to speak or ask a question
  • Use the whiteboard and virtual marking tools
  • Animate and participate with emoticons, screen sharing, surveys and evaluations


  • Access documents
  • Edit data
  • Make the data available
  • Capitalise on data as training resources
  • Access enriched reports on participation, duration, results of surveys and evaluations