Your digi­tal training
from an Excel file.

Create online trainings quickly and without prior technical knowledge with the help of Thaleia XL, e-learning author solution, from just a simple Excel file.  Start your Thaleia XL free trial and for the next 5 days benefit from:

all func­tio­na­li­ties of Tha­leia XL

per­so­na­li­sed sup­port by email/phone

a 15 minute call with an expert to start you off

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Pro­duce and train infinitely

Thanks to Thaleia XL, push the boundaries of your everyday life and gain in productivity.  In this evolving world, support your learners in acquiring transversal skills to allow them to boost their careers.  Thaleia XL is the most simple-to-use author learning tool which allows you to create professional and custom digital training modules in minutes.  Imagine the content and Thaleia XL puts it together!

Reinvent the trai­ning experience

Transform the training and development of your learners and employees in a continuous interactive experience thanks to:

Support screens and pedagogical activities which favour experimentation and practice.

Modules that can be consulted everywhere and continuously on computer, mobile and tablet.

Offer the same quality of training to your entire audience.

Create and dis­tri­bute cap­ti­va­ting peda­go­gi­cal content

Open your Excel file, compatible with all spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc…) and choose from a large variety of model screens. Already have an LMS? Your newly created modules with Thaleia XL respond to SCORM standards. All you have to do is import the into your LMS and let the magic happen! Don't have an LMS? No problem! Once your training is finalised, benefit from available to everyone.

Bene­fit from a simple and 
intui­tive mana­ge­ment system

Wanting to measure the success of your trainings? Thaleia XL has already prepared the data! Manage your training from a simplified dashboard including the main key-indicators: success, time-spent, attempts...

In addi­tion to the Tha­leia XL tool which is very simple to learn. [And] in addi­tion to the reports which real­ly allow us to manage the ope­ra­tio­nal qua­li­ty of our trai­ning, what I great­ly appre­ciate about Solu­nea is their avai­la­bi­li­ty at all times.