7 tools for e-learning professionals

It is sometimes difficult to find your way through the jungle of e-learning tools… We offer you a compilation of 7 tools that will help you create dynamic e-learning modules for your learners! How to create visuals, videos or a comic book? How to create a mobile application? All the solutions in our article! E-learning […]

10 reasons to choose e-learning courses

  Integrating e-learning into a company has many advantages. Here is an infographic that summarizes the benefits of e-learning for companies and employees. This article should help you make your decision! There are many reasons for introducing e-learning into a company. Sometimes it comes from employees who want to take training courses more quickly and […]

How to find the right KPIs for your e-learning course?

  This is a difficulty often encountered by e-learning professionals… However, analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) is a very important step in setting up an e-learning course within a company. In this article, discover the key points to analyze in order to determine the effectiveness of your e-learning course. What are the KPIs to analyze […]

How to create an e-learning module from an Excel file?

Need to create an e-learning module in no time? Thaleia is the ideal tool for you! Thanks to its pre-populated Excel file, all you have to do is enter your data in Excel and Thaleia will create an e-learning module automatically! We will explain in detail how to create an e-learning module in 15 minutes. […]

E-learning: how to choose your LMS platform?

LMS (Learning Machine System) are more and more popular among companies who want to train their employees. However, there are so many e-learning platforms that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Although some comparisons are available on the internet, this is not always enough to make the right decision. In this article, we […]

Why should training centers go digital?

Digital transformation affects all businesses, and traditional training organizations must also reinvent themselves to meet new needs and new players. Indeed, learners who want to learn are increasingly connected and seek easier access to training content. Thanks to the internet, smartphones, tablets and other connected objects, training is becoming increasingly simple and training centers must take the […]

How to increase the interactivity and engagement of your trainings?

Increasing the interactivity and engagement of e-learning courses is a real challenge for companies. Whether it’s through gamification or the use of smartphones, there are many ways to boost engagement within your training courses. In this article, discover how to increase the interactivity and engagement of your training courses by developing new modules or by […]

How can I support my employees’ development within the company?

Talent management is a real strategic issue that allows companies to get more value from their current and future employees. The evolution of the latter must therefore be controlled and supported. But it is not always easy to see clearly! Discover 3 ways to support the evolution of your employees within the company. 1/ Encourage […]

In a hurry or over several months: the different time frames of e-learning courses

Each e-learning course has its own objectives and requirements, so they are not all created for the same reasons! While some of them are highly anticipated and will require several months of custom development, others can be created overnight, for example to deal with an emergency situation. In this article, we look at the different […]