10 reasons to choose e‑learning courses


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10 reasons to choose e‑learning courses



Inte­grat­ing e‑learning into a com­pa­ny has many advan­tages. Here is an info­graph­ic that sum­ma­rizes the ben­e­fits of e‑learning for com­pa­nies and employ­ees. This arti­cle should help you make your decision!

There are many rea­sons for intro­duc­ing e‑learning into a com­pa­ny. Some­times it comes from employ­ees who want to take train­ing cours­es more quick­ly and at their con­ve­nience, while com­pa­nies often want to cut costs.

Here are 5 advan­tages for com­pa­nies and 5 advan­tages for employees:

Benefits of e‑learning for companies

  • Reduce costs

The e‑learning mod­ules can be used sev­er­al times, which reduces costs.

  • Scalable

This is an impor­tant advan­tage for com­pa­nies. E‑learning cours­es are per­fect­ly suit­ed to large com­pa­nies that need to train dis­persed employees.

  • Continuity

The effi­cien­cy of a train­er is no longer a para­me­ter to be tak­en into account dur­ing an e‑learning ses­sion. The train­ing is there­fore the same for everyone.

  • Adapting to new trends

E‑learning makes it pos­si­ble to adapt to the new needs of col­lab­o­ra­tors. They can now learn when they want and on the dig­i­tal medi­um of their choice.

  • Efficacy

Learn­ing is more effi­cient in e‑learning ses­sions. Learn­ers learn bet­ter and faster.


Benefits of e‑learning for employees

  • Flexibility

E‑learning offers the pos­si­bil­i­ty to learn à la carte accord­ing to the lev­el and skills of each individual.

  • The learner remains in control

The learn­er is the mas­ter of his or her learn­ing and remains in control.

  • Speed of learning

Learn­ers take less time to assim­i­late the notions seen dur­ing an e‑learning ses­sion com­pared to a face-to-face session.

  • Boosting learner engagement

With e‑learning, it is very easy to boost learn­er engage­ment. Between two learn­ing ses­sions, it is pos­si­ble to cre­ate small mod­ules to rein­force the knowl­edge of the learners.

  • Better learning retention

A 2014 study in Amer­i­ca indi­cates that the reten­tion rate for e‑learning is between 25–60%. The reten­tion rate for face-to-face train­ing is between 8–10%.

Pho­to by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash