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Modul’Lab ​is Solunea's customized training service, designed to enable you and our teams to create training content tailored to your business.

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Final­ly, e‑learning content
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Whatever your training strategy - blended-learning, micro-learning or serious game - choose the teaching method that best meets your needs. We have designed 4 essential approaches:

Essential .

Explana­to­ry sequence

Pedagogical benefits : Guides the learner through the consultation process, thanks to a fluid, linear presentation framework. Fosters the learner's concentration on the content, thanks to effective, intuitive inputs and activities.



Ani­mat­ed and 
and interactive

Pedagogical benefits: Accompanies the learner, thanks to the support of a continuous narrative throughout the course. Captures attention, thanks to interactive activities that question the learner without evaluating him or her. Maintains interest, thanks to a balanced alternation of animations and fun activities.


Immersive .

Sce­nario sequence

Pedagogical benefits: Engages learners, by developing game mechanics that impact the scenario. Simulates business situations and associated behaviors, thanks to the development of a more scripted story.



Inter­ac­tive demonstration

Pedagogical benefits : Guides learners in the acquisition of reflex gestures, through the development of step-by-step procedures.


The art and process of training in the digital age.

Say good­bye to the blank page with cre­ativ­i­ty and a wide range of skills

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“The objec­tive for us was to pro­vide tech­ni­cal and edu­ca­tion­al con­tent in an attrac­tive, fun and dynam­ic form through exer­cis­es, ques­tions and sce­nar­ios. Sol­unea has large­ly con­tributed to achiev­ing this. In the end, we end­ed up with a very appeal­ing, hyper-attrac­tive prod­uct that goes far beyond our expec­ta­tions and what we ini­tial­ly imagined.”

Frequently-asked questions

We’re here for you; to advise you, to take charge of your content and to get the best out of it.  On this basis, together we can discuss and consider the different options for presenting the content, the exercises you’ve imagined, and layout and animation methods.

First, we’ll discuss your training with you to understand your expertise and your learning objectives.  We'll listen to your needs, make proposals and then together, determine the way forward.

We'll stay as close as possible to your progress by intervening on the rhythm and by enriching the staging. 

We can also go further by rethinking the teaching method, for example, by insisting on a base of prerequisites, a knowledge assessment or a more gamified scenario.

Our first instinct would be to respond with “it depends”, on the structure of the initial pedagogical material, the quantity of visual resources to produce, the complexity of interactive experience and above-all your availability to verify with us the different deliverables of the production.  

That being said, we’ll present the timeline of the project to you at the beginning of the first phase.  Transparency and expertise are the secrets to ensure our collaboration succeeds.

We utilise a “hand-in-hand” collaboration where you are the expert in your field and we are the experts in ours: pedagogy, project management, development.

During our collaboration, you remain a player in the key moments of the project which essentially allows you to validate the proposition before moving onto the next step.

Of course, we can help you clearly envisage a learning path and devise an e-learning module for you to use as well as, or during face-to-face training (upstream or downstream, for example).

Because in addition to our 16 years’ worth of experience and our hundreds of past achievements, it’s the people who really count and we have to admit that we have a great team!  Our multi-talented team constantly draws on their creativity and quickly implements the appropriate solutions.


Let’s talk for a few minutes to find out how this leading solution used by millions of users can meet your challenges and be the driving force of your digitalisation strategy.