Attract the best talent for your company!

Talentlink is the most effective talent management platform edited by Cornerstone.Completely manage your recruitment processes and involve your teams in the decision-making.Solunea, a certified partner of Cornerstone, will help you deploy the solution to your teams.

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Intelligent recruitment

Change the rules of the game with TalentLink

Features designed to:

acce­le­rate hiring processes

iden­ti­fy the best pro­files thanks to AI

increase the num­ber of qua­li­fied candidates

Laptop Tablet

More than an ATS

Step it up a gear!

Improve the efficiency of your entire recruitment process with TalentLink.  In a single tool, TalentLink combines:

the power of a CRM to attract talent

 a can­di­date rela­tion­ship mana­ge­ment ser­vice to offer them the ideal experience

a recruit­ment ser­vice qui­ck­ly hire the best talent 

Recruit as a team

Construct a collaborative 
recruit­ment culture

pro­vide a solu­tion for everyone

involve your inter­nal experts

recruit col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve­ly faster


A model platform

To manage the entire talent acqui­si­tion process

  • Create a unique candidate and employee experience
  • Source your passive candidates with targeted campaigns
  • Personalise your communication to optimise your audience
  • Broadcast your offers via social media
  • Optimise and automate your processes
  • Personalise processes by entity
  • Facilitate collaboration through an intuitive manager space
  • Favour co-optation
  • Highlight offers with videos
  • Manage video interviews and tests
  • Take advantage of multi-distribution
  • Continue the experience initiated in recruitment
  • Keep in touch and secure their arrival
  • Build commitment before day 1
  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Optimise time of internal teams
  • Make relevant information avaialable to stakeholders
  • Have monitoring indicators to manage the activity
  • Benefit from AI and machne learning to be more efficient
  • Easily connect Talentlink with third-party references
  • Capitalise on the platform's openness via its APIs to connect with the desired solutions

HR management

Recruit, from whe­re­ver you are.

Use a modern and highly intuitive interface for all users.  The iOS and Android apps have been designed to help you optimise your recruitments and results.  Adopt Talentlink now to optimise your recruitment processes, gain efficiency and outperform your competitors.

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