Dialogue: How to train your field staff?


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Dialogue: How to train your field staff?


Whe­ther you work in an office, a hotel or a but­cher’s shop, you and your col­leagues have to act and inter­act in this com­mon envi­ron­ment. This hap­pens natu­ral­ly, on a dai­ly basis, but it is impor­tant to unders­tand cer­tain situa­tions that are some­times out of the ordinary.

And to best pre­pare, acces­sible and enga­ging trai­ning can make a difference.

With Dia­logue©, which you dis­co­ve­red in our pre­vious article, you can create a real set­ting in which your lear­ner moves and per­forms actions. In this way, you offer them a gami­fied set­ting that takes the form of the place in which you want them to inter­act: a store to arrange, a fac­to­ry to ins­pect, a hotel to evacuate…

Here is a concrete example of “on the job” trai­ning crea­ted with Dia­logue© :

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