LMS Saba : “Our e-learning course costs 8 times less for participants than a classroom course”

Olivier Querenet de Breville, founder of EISF, a 100% digital training organization that prepares students for the CAP in Pastry and Bakery, tells us about his entrepreneurial journey that led him to create a training organization that provides only e-learning courses. EISF has been working with Solunea and the SABA Cloud solution for 4 years now. This is an opportunity to review the digitalization of his training with him.

What is your background?

Originally I was a textbook publisher. And at some point I wanted to move to the other side and not make textbooks anymore, but be able to design a set of educational resources to allow people to train themselves. That’s how the idea of creating a 100% digital training organization was born. Moreover, in the publishing field, I was confronted with a lot of disruption with the arrival of digital technology in this traditional profession. I wanted to take the opposite approach and become the one who disrupts the training market, hence the creation of EISF, an online training organization that trains for the CAP in Pastry and Bakery.

Tell us about your training center?

EISF opened in 2014 and we launched the training platform in 2016. So there are two classes of learners who passed the CAP after the EISF training. We have a 95% success rate, which is excellent for a digital school. We can therefore say that the challenge of learning a manual trade at a distance has been successful. In the long term, we are going to extend our training courses for the CAP Pastry and Bakery to other countries. We will therefore offer training in English and Chinese to address the American and Chinese markets. We mainly train people who are still working or who are registered at the Pôle Emploi and who wish to start a professional reconversion.

Why did you choose to launch your e-learning course?

Training costs have increased considerably over the last 20 years and the objective was to know if we could reduce these costs with digital educational content. In fact, this is the case since we propose a training that costs 8 times less than face-to-face training. We really want to make these two courses accessible to as many people as possible. E-learning was also the only solution to internalize the training and keep the control from end to end. Indeed, if we wanted to train abroad, we had to train the learners with digital tools.

How did Solunea help you realize your project?

Solunea brought us two things:

  • The know-how on the integration of educational content on a digital platform. Solunea trained us in the tools for creating digital educational content.
  • Mastery of the SABA LMS platform, which allows us to distribute our content and monitor the educational activity of our learners.

We gave Solunea the structure of our learning paths and Solunea integrated them into the platform. The Saba Cloud LMS meets my needs perfectly. Its great strength is the stability of the platform which works 24/7 and there are no breakdowns. SABA’s reliability and efficiency are the two main qualities that made us think about our choice of solution. We have total control in terms of tool administration and training, but Solunea is always available to accompany us in our evolutions.

How is the online training going for your learners?

Learners do not need to be training experts to use the platform. Whatever the skill level, everything is very intuitive. We do regular satisfaction surveys because it is very important for us to improve our learner training paths. According to our surveys, our learners are 90% satisfied. The remaining 10% are mainly people who have not necessarily understood the personal commitment that online training requires and who lack autonomy.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash