Why should training centers go digital?

Digital transformation affects all businesses, and traditional training organizations must also reinvent themselves to meet new needs and new players. Indeed, learners who want to learn are increasingly connected and seek easier access to training content. Thanks to the internet, smartphones, tablets and other connected objects, training is becoming increasingly simple and training centers must take the digital turn to develop and survive.

Digitalization enriches traditional training

According to a study published by Deloitte and MIT, only 29% of global companies are mature (systematically using digital tools), 45% are in the process of digital transformation and 26% are in the early stages. So there is still real work to be done.

Digital learning, in all its forms (social learning, e-learning, blended learning, virtual classrooms, etc.), will enable learners to be better trained and training centers to optimize training and its cost. On the learner’s side, the advantages are clear:

  • A continuity of their daily habits, both personally and professionally.
  • Learning is not done in isolation because digital learning tools are very community-based.
  • Learning is adaptive and evolves according to the individual.
  • The follow-up is very thorough.

For training organizations, the benefits are as follows:

  • Standardization and deployment of training on a large scale
  • Reduce the time of physical presence of learners and trainers
  • More accessible and interactive training

Expand your target audience with e-learning

Digitalization also implies many changes in the training center’s prospects! Centers that have a purely B2B model will have the opportunity to migrate their model to B2B2C, which means that training centers and learners can interact live, through the enterprise.

Digitization will undoubtedly make it possible to adapt more quickly to the training needs of company employees and individuals who wish to train outside their company. Indeed, individuals also have the right to learn! E-learning represents a real opportunity for training centers that wish to take up the challenge of digital transformation.

Thaleia: a partner of choice to digitalize its training center

Thaleia is an LMS platform that allows you to take a first step towards the digitalization, complete or not, of your training. This e-learning authoring software will allow you to create your training modules without any technical knowledge. It will be very easy for you to create mass training content in a few minutes. Thaleia will allow you to exploit new training and knowledge assessment resources.

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Photo by Maxwell Ridgeway on Unsplash