Collect training data with xAPI

Collect data and share it wherever it’s needed. Take advantage of our expertise of both xAPI standard and the Trax LRS solution to guarantee you a successful integration of this new technology within your ecosystem and projects.

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Collect training data

xAPI : Training data has never been so clear and precise

There are many learning experiences: MOOC, video channels, partner environments, software or full-scale simulators are just some examples of training methods popular today.  To make the most of them, The Experience xAPI or the xAPI format fully meet the new challenges of training.

Its use accompanies the evolution of training solutions perfectly.

It’s essential in the collection and analysis of training-related information.

It offers key-indicators for the improvement of training systems, more precise than SCORM.

Standard e-learning

Make the data speak
to evolve learning experiences

Retrieve engagement data online and offline.

Standardize the information collected.

Transport it from one system to another.

Management of learning data

Build pedagogical ecosystems

The xAPI format allows you to visualise and render online data, both formal and informal, through collection of traces left by the learners.  This data is managed by a Learning Record Store (LRS) and it’s thanks to the LRS that it can be exchanged between different systems, e.g. other LRSs, LMSs or other applications.

Solunea and Trax LRS

Always reflecting your needs, Solunea is an official partner of Trax LRS, the only LRS certified in France and one of the 2 main certified open source LRS in the world. Many major players in the world of training use Trax LRS: schools (ENAC, ISAE, SUPAERO), universities and research laboratories (LORIA).