In a hurry or over several months: the different time frames of e-learning courses

Each e-learning course has its own objectives and requirements, so they are not all created for the same reasons! While some of them are highly anticipated and will require several months of custom development, others can be created overnight, for example to deal with an emergency situation. In this article, we look at the different types of e-learning courses and their timeframes.

Create an e-learning course according to your needs

In e-learning, each project is different, but there are generally 3 main timeframes.

  • Create an e-learning course very quickly

Some training needs arise quickly and the company must be able to train its employees as quickly as possible. For example, during a major recall campaign for defective products, all employees must be kept informed of the procedures to be followed. This type of training will usually have a short shelf life, as the module has been created for a specific, one-time occasion. In this case, finding a provider to develop a module would be too time-consuming and costly. To develop your e-learning courses as quickly as possible, we have developed Thaleia. An online tool that allows you to create your training modules in 15 minutes using an Excel file. Whether your needs are urgent or not, Thaleia will allow you to create your modules easily after only 1 hour of learning the tool.

  • Design an e-learning course in a few months

Medium-term e-learning courses are developed in anticipation of the release of a new product, for example, and will have a lifespan of approximately 2 years. In fact, the release of a new product is planned several months in advance, which makes it possible to create an adapted e-learning course that will be used for several years, as long as the product itself lasts. For this type of training, the development method depends on the company. Whether the company has the capacity to create the module in-house or whether custom development is required. In this case, Thaleia can also be an excellent alternative to develop your e-learning training.

  • Long-term e-learning courses

Finally, there are e-learning courses that are planned for the very long term. It is not uncommon for certain laws or standards to change the field of action of companies. And employees are often the first to be affected by these changes. Companies therefore have a real role to play in training them in advance. In these cases, companies have the time to plan customized training to meet a very specific need. Indeed, this kind of e-learning training can be planned in advance, as it requires time for creation and development. These courses also last over time (4 to 5 years). Solunea is also committed to responding to long-term training needs and custom development. To learn more about our services, visit our website.

In short, there are a multitude of options to meet your training needs. Whether you have a one-time or regular need, we will try to meet your needs.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash