Dialogue: engaging digital training solution.

How to respond to behavioral issues?

We are evolving in an increasingly complex professional environment, which pushes us to exceed our limits a little more each day. In this context, the ability to develop our listening, understanding and adaptation skills has become obvious. More than ever, training in relational and behavioral development is essential to help us evolve and create a positive dynamic within the company. The question then arises… how do we deploy behavioral training that is accessible and engaging?

And we have the answer… the entire Solunea team is delighted to present Dialogue©, the digital solution created for you and inspired by your needs!

With Dialogue©, you can create all types of non-linear, interactive scenarios inspired by real life. Offer a learning mode that is perfectly adapted to practical application, and immerse your employees in realistic situations where their decisions have a real impact on the narrative.

Want to know more? Here is a concrete example of behavioral training created with Dialogue© :

Contact us, our team will be delighted to accompany you in this new adventure where digital is closer than ever to reality!