How to find the right KPIs for your e-learning course?


This is a difficulty often encountered by e-learning professionals… However, analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) is a very important step in setting up an e-learning course within a company. In this article, discover the key points to analyze in order to determine the effectiveness of your e-learning course.

What are the KPIs to analyze in an e-learning course?

KPIs provide clear, quantified data on the effectiveness of an e-learning course. Each company will have its own KPIs and they will have to be adapted according to the company’s training projects.

There are some figures that are not difficult to obtain… The cost of a trainer for a day of training, the purchase of e-learning software, the time spent creating an e-learning module… But the KPIs must be calculated on the basis of cause and effect. Discover some notions to help you identify your KPIs.

  • KPIs related to the concepts learned during the e-learning module

Each training module will necessarily have a specific objective. An acquired objective should logically allow the employees to be more efficient and/or effective. If you train your employees on a new product, you can, for example, analyze the sales figures for the following months.

  • Is there variable data to determine the KPIs to analyze?

KPIs are not only based on training data. There are also variable data that can be taken into account. If a big advertising campaign was launched right after the product release, sales will naturally increase and the influence of the e-learning training will be tempered.

  • Calculate KPIs before training

To see how beneficial a training was, it is important to make a before/after comparison. This will allow you to quantify the progress of employees after their training. This is a very important key performance indicator that will allow you to improve the training and the training materials.

  • Calculate the gap between the KPIs after the training

The last KPI is one of the most important! It will allow you to know the monetary value of your training. By recalculating all the KPIs after the end of the training, you will be able to calculate the difference and thus see an increase in productivity (thus time saved for other projects) for example, an increase in sales…

To know which are the potential KPIs that will allow you to evaluate the efficiency of an e-learning course, you can discuss with all the company’s stakeholders in order to not forget any element and thus accurately evaluate the efficiency and the return on investment. What are your key success indicators? We would be delighted to discuss them with you!

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